Are you ready to set up a new business? Expenses to come + Suggestions!

Setting up a business at home is synonymous with low cost and excellent yields. This is because every business with a low cost tends to have more chances of success, as it takes just an initial investment (down) to have the machinery, avoiding excessive costs and that exceed the profits and company budgets.

We can list among the main costs that are “spared” to set up a business at home:

  • rent
  • phone
  • Internet
  • Light (lower)
  • Water (lower)

We can only inform you that the business to succeed when mounted at home, one must be especially careful, especially regarding the appearance and facade as the residential business try to provide less credibility.

It is common for people to ask: What ride to work from home or what activities to work from home? So, we have listed for you some excellent ideas business to assemble at home:

Web Designer Agency

The Web Designer is responsible for creating websites, so no need to have a “commercial item”, as most of their clientele hires through the internet itself and website.

If you are thinking of becoming a web designer be sure to see our text: Web Designer profession that makes money.

If the web designer wishes to gain customers (companies) of your city, you can easily get in touch personally and leave your business card, as well as demonstrate their work through portfolio.

Advertising Service

There are several ways to advertise, but what actually companies want, is simply CUSTOMERS. The professional who is in contact with people and bring new customers for businesses is always very well paid. There are so many opportunities out there, especially when you look on facebook and other types of social media. Some even hire people to take care of their personal pages (when they are stars for example).

Business To Fit At Home – Translator

If you have good knowledge of languages, assemble it in a small translation agency is certainly a good deal. The translator with certificate will have more credibility, not to mention will be more successful in achieving the “sell their services” when presenting customers. Writing is also a good option for those who already translate.

Make a dynamic and well illustrated site also helps to get good work as a translator, since there is a strong demand from internet users who wish to translate specific texts.


7 useful tips to have your home business become successful

Running a home business is a dream that has become reality for many people nowadays, especially after the easy access to the web and the need for freelancers that reaches all countries across the globe. Even though having a home business is much more comfortable it does require some organization, care and sometimes some investment as well. Regardless of your area of expertise the following 7 tips will definitely help you with your own home business.

1) Before you start any business, get to know in depth the branch in which to invest. Analyze competition in the region, take courses, go to fairs and seminars, search for similar products and services on the Internet, identify your future customers and their needs. And of course, make a business plan

2) Stay tuned for zoning issues, hygiene and health in general stringent for those working in the areas of food and cosmetics. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza are some of the cities in the country that have specific legislation for those who work at home. Check the laws governing the zoning of the neighborhood where you live, and see if there is any impediment to home business start up.

3) Do not forget to ask for the business license in your municipal office in case it is needed.

4) Ask one second license to the body responsible for health surveillance, if you intend to work with food. The law has strict rules: the kitchen, for example, cannot be the same used by residents; must be installed on an independent area, tiled to the ceiling and floor waterproof, among other items

5) Consider installing an independent input for receiving customers, suppliers or even the employee entrance. This gives a more professional look to the business. There is nothing worse than walking across the room, where the children are the most revelry or family is eating, to get to the counter of a company

6) Focus your activities in one space, not invading other rooms of the house. Your family does not have to share your professional routine. Prepare a space (room, little house, garage) to host the new business. Use the same types of furniture and equipment that would adopt a commercial point

7) Plan carefully the space of the house you will take to work, even adopting acoustic treatment on the walls, so that sounds of domestic activities (such as children, television and stereos) do not interfere with your phone calls.